Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Photography Filled Florida Birthday

For my birthday this year my wife decided to send me down to Florida for 3 1/2 days of photography filled fun.  I went down to Florida at the end of April (sorry for the late blogging) and met up with a photography friend of mine that lives down there.  During my stay we photographed many things and racked up some major mileage on his car.  One goal of mine was to photograph the Burrowing Owls.  Something that I tried to do in December of 2011 but had miserable luck at.  I kept three of the photos (never processed them) as motivation to do better the next time around.  Below are some of the Burrowing Owl photos that I photographed during my stay in the sunshine state. 

Burrowing Owl - The big yawn.  So tired from me taking all those photso of him

Burrowing Owl - Taken just after a rain storm passed.  So colors were nice and saturated.

Another place that we visited was Blue Cypress Lake, a first for me.  There we took my buddies kayaks out onto the lake and made our way around.  I took my 300mm with me as I could easily hand hold this lens and stash it easily in the kayak.  I really like the 300mm as a lightweight alternative to BIF lens.  It served me well on this trip and really put it to use for the Osprey and some other static images of other species. Here are a few images of the Ospreys I captured during my visit to Blue Cypress Lake.  


Also ran into some cooperative Barred Owls and baby Limpkin that struck a pose for me while in the the kayak.  What a great birthday present from my wife!

Baby Limpkin - Photographed from a kayak

Barred Owl

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Josh. Great collection from your recent trip.