Saturday, August 29, 2015

Baby Least Terns!

For two consecutive years now my wife and I have timed our Florida trip around the baby Least Terns.  Last year I had some decent success.  I did get photos of the little guys running around the beach but as every photographer you are always left yearning for more and something better.  Well this year, by far surpassed my experience last year.  I made two trips out to the east coast of Florida for these little guys.  What I got to see this year that I really didn't see last year (course doesn't mean it happened) was skirmishes with the Ghost Crabs and Least Terns.  This was an interesting behavior to watch between the two. From my understanding, the crabs will go after the babies so anytime a Tern spots a wayward crab wondering to close they charge the crab with its wings raised high in an attempt to chase the crab away.  Sometimes, you will see the Terns double up on the crabs which I was able to see.

Along with the skirmishes that I saw I was able to capture more moments with the baby Terns and the Terns with their parents with some feeding shots. Something that I wasn't able to capture last year. I was fortunate to have some very sweet light in the morning as well which was something that I didn't have last year.

I was able to capture images of a Wilson Plover that had decided to set up its nest right by the boundary ropes on the beach too.  No pictures of the babies as the eggs hadn't hatched yet but I am sure some of my Florida photography friends were able to get them.

I mentioned my wife came with me on the second day.  Again she got to see what I look like in action and did her thing taking pictures of me taking pictures.  She did enjoy her time on the beach and by the ocean as we both do when we visit Florida.  

Shawnee State Park

I'm back!  Looks like it has been awhile since I have done my last blog on here.  Going to try and make a better effort of doing so in the future.
So with that I am going to be doing three blogs from three trips that I took this year.  First up was a short weekend trip to Shawnee State Park in southern Ohio to catch the early warbler migration.  Now this is a trip that I try to do every spring, I went down with two friends of mine.  Our trip was cut short on the last day due to weather so we had to head back early.  But we had some great success with several birds.  Some of the highlights from the trip are below:

Louisiana  Waterthursh - had a lot of fun with this bird.  Got a little wet too with a leaky boot as we were crouched down in a creek for it.

Cerulean Warbler - such a beautiful looking species.  Got some great looks of this guy too.

Prairie Warbler - these guys are always a lot of fun

Yellow-throated Warbler- would have liked to get this guy on something other than just a bare stick but there is always next time.

Northern Parula- this is such a beautiful looking bird.  Hard to believe something this colorful can be seen in Ohio.

As always I am looking forward to a return trip down in southern Ohio in the early spring next year!