Friday, January 20, 2012

San Carlos Bay Bunche Beach Preserve

A new location that we visited and a new favorite of mine is San Carlos Bay Bunche Beach Preserve, doing a little research ahead of time and finding the low tide time pays off greatly at this location much like Ding Darling.  When the tide is out the area is loaded with all kinds of shorebirds, which is a personal favorite of mine to photograph.   I had a lot of help regarding this location from two Florida friends of mine, Bob Pelkey and Marina Scarr.  Never would have come to know of this place if it weren't for those two.  Thanks to both of you!  The banded Piping Plover below was reported to the Great Lakes Waterbird Research Program at the University of Minnesota.  During my visit I also photographed another Piping Plover, but the other one had not been banded. 

Endangered Piping Plover

 On our particular visit I was able to see 200+ Black Skimmers which was quite a sight, even more so when they all simultaneously exploded into flight on occasion.  My first visit there was a windy one, and one that found me leaving my waders which I brought with me in my vehicle.  With Gulf temps in the mid 60’s and the wind left me quite chilled but with all the action going on at this location that helped take my mind off the somewhat uncomfortable conditions.  My second visit, I remembered those waders though.  

White Ibis

  I was able to photograph Snowy and Piping Plovers at this location, two shorebirds that I badly wanted to see.  Some of the Snowy Plovers I noticed were banded.  Other notable sightings were Reddish Egrets,  Little Blue Herons, a Bald Eagle, Snowy Egrets. 

Snowy Plover

If you are ever in the Fort Meyers area in Florida, this location is one that is definately worth checking out. 

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  1. Josh, The Blogs looking great. I enjoyed reading about the Florida adventure and hope to make it there next winter/spring... this certainly motivates me to do so, great writeup and images.