Saturday, January 5, 2013

Upcoming Months

Well I booked a short trip out to Ocean Shores Washington for the "echo" irruption of Snowy Owls that is happening out there this year.  It will be my first experience with a Snowy Owl, and have been told they are a real sight to see.  I have a particular fascination with owls.  Something about the eyes, they portray a certain amount of mystery and curiosity within me I suppose.  Meeting up with a couple friends of mine out there that will share in the experience as well.  Hoping to have a great time with the owls and them. 

Then, I will be going off to the Everglades....first time there as well.  Really looking forward to that trip.  I plan to do some landscape and wildlife photography.  Never thought I'd hear myself say, "I'm going to do landscape photography."  The Everglades is a beautiful place for that and I have a good friend of mine guiding me down there.  We will be camping in the 'glades, the best way to experience them.   Should be a different and exciting experience.  I will be flying in with some shooting time to burn up before we depart for the glades so I am hoping to work on some more Burrowing Owls before we head out extremely early the next morning.  So stay tuned tuned for some upcoming posts....

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